Traditional Thai medicine is one of the national treasures. It is the wisdom used in the life of Thai people from past to present. Traditional Thai medicine has benefited from the healing and health care of Thai people. By using holistic health care system, which is health care. Maintaining physical and mental illness while taking into account environmental factors. At present, there is a teaching that combines Thai traditional medicine. With science the current medical practice is called "Applied Thai Traditional Medicine." The combined teaching and learning of this subject makes traditional Thai medicine a mechanism for technical allocation. There is a way to diagnose correctly. And they can take care of the health of their patients. In addition, Thai traditional medicine is a combination of Thai traditional medicine and modern medicine. To cooperate with the application. Use knowledge to benefit patients. And to continue to apply traditional Thai medicine to the international level. The combination of these two systems in public health services. Appropriate and consistent with Thai social context. To use Thai wisdom to apply in health care. Assisting the nation in reducing trade deficit Import of drugs and pharmaceuticals from abroad And it allows the government to spread the medical and public health care to the wider public.

           Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Recognizing and appreciating the importance of this, it is advisable to provide Thai Traditional Therapeutic Teaching on 27 December 2004 in order to benefit the health care of the people. By taking into account the development that can exist by self-reliance. And holistic health care by living in harmony with Thai society. Traditional Thai medicine It can be considered as a unique cultural heritage of Thai people living in Thailand, as always.